Based on the theories you have learned, write a two-page, double spaced paper on

    Based on the theories you have learned, write a two-page, double spaced paper on the case
    located below. This assignment is to build upon the theories that you have learned in Module 1.
    It will help you evaluate your knowledge of the concepts you are expected to have learned at
    the end of this module. It will help you describe theories and apply them to real life situations.  
    Your paper should discuss the elements of crime and recognize the origins of criminal behavior
    depicted in this case. Using two different views of crime and two different explanations of
    crime in the context of different criminological schools of thought.  
    Be sure to review the grading rubric before starting this assignment. The contents of the paper
    should be tailored to fulfilling the requirements set out in the grading rubric.  
    Case: Brothers and Wives Charged in $5.6 Million Coronavirus Fraud | NBCLA
    Video Link:

    Writing Tips:  
    Below are some tips and a resource that will help all of you on the writing assignments.  
    1. Use the grading rubric as an outline guide for your paper.  
    2. The main purpose of the writing assignments is to demonstrate that you understand the
    theories well enough to apply them to real world situations. For the “Explanation of the
    crime from two different perspectives purported by two different theories of crime” part of
    the grading rubric, I would suggest that you choose two different theories that you have read
    about and are applicable to the article that is given for the respective writing assignment.
    Next, I would advise using the following format for each theory: state the theory, provide a
    definition, and apply the tenets of the theory to the case/situation in the article. Follow the
    same format for the second theory that you choose.  
    3. To properly organize the paper, I would use headings and subheadings that have content
    that is proportionate to the points awarded in the grading rubric. For example, if something
    is worth a total of 3 points out of 7, it should have the most content and the concepts should
    be thoroughly articulated in that section. Also, remember to cite your sources and use
    proper APA format for the reference page and in-text citations.   
    Please see link for guidance on proper APA  
    (Links to an external site.)  

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