Briefly describe the documentation type(s) that you are using in your placement.

    Briefly describe the documentation type(s) that you are using in your placement.
    Discuss the positives and negatives or any difficulties you may be having with the forms.
    SLC students: discuss any required documentation/paperwork/report or grant writing you will be using during your placement.
    After reading the lectures for this week, what would you do in the following scenario?
    You are a social worker in a family service agency working with a client with a personality disorder. You have taken copious notes on your sessions with the client throughout your work with him. The client is involved in a court case and wants to read his clinical record to see if there is anything that can be used to help his case. You are concerned as there is some damaging information about him in the documentation. What would you do?
    FIRST, give a brief review (due Thursdays, before midnight Eastern Standard Time) of your week highlighting positives and negatives that occur in your placement. If you are having difficulties or need feedback, this will allow other students to add suggestions/feedback/support,
    SECOND, you are to answer or respond to the topic of the week (also due on Thursdays, found in the modules section). Lectures should be read before responding to the Discussion Board issues, as this is considered a measure of attendance/participation. Mention at least one thing you found interesting in the lecture, and state whether you agree/disagree, and why it caught your attention. Please ask a question in your post for your fellow interns to respond to. Please check back on your post and respond to feedback and questions from peers, professor, and mentor. Please include your weekly review and lecture response in the same post.
    This week at my internship I did AIT meetings and worked with familys that were homeless. The AIT meetings are attendance intervention team that meet with parents to discuss why their child missing so many days of school.

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