Compare and Contrast the Nile River valley civilization, the Mesopotamia civiliz

    Compare and Contrast the Nile River valley civilization, the Mesopotamia civilization, and the Indus Valley civilization. Do you see any similarities, and if so, what are they? Do you see any differences, and if so, what are they? Each of these great civilizations gave a number of contributions. Discuss at least 3 contributions for each civilization and which one of these do you believe had more of an effect on that civilization and why?
    As with all essays, you should begin with an introduction and end with a conclusion along with in-text documentation and a works cited page. For your reference I have posted a link to the MLA Guide that our English Department uses. It is found in the Course Resources tab. I expect you to follow it in formatting all your written assignments. You may use an additional outside source if you like, but for this assignment, only the text book will be fine, but you still must cite specific examples (in-text parenthetical citations) and include a works cited page, even if your text book is your only source. I also do not want you to use any quotes in this essay. Submit assignment through Blackboard no later than Monday, Janaury 23 by 11:59 PM.
    Please note that the plagiarism policy stated in the syllabus will be followed strictly. I have set this assignment and future assignments to be submitted through Safe Assign. You will receive a copy of the report. If the report states that over 30% is matching other material, you will have unlimited attempts to reduce that percentage before the final submission to be graded by me.

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