Email your professor by Jan 18th with your group members, student numbers, and a

    Email your professor by Jan 18th with your group members, student numbers, and a group name. Please put your group name as the subject line. In a reply email, you will be given a European city or area that can be visited in a 5 day stay.
    From the Target Markets document under the Semester Research Paper Assignment tab, you are to decide the specific group that would best suit this destination and describe that target market you’ve chosen (paragraph 1). Explain 2 different and definitive reasons why this destination would best suit your target market (paragraphs 2 and 3). You will likely need to research your destination before making this decision. Do not describe specific attractions, be more general in your assessment.
    This section is to be submitted by 8pm on the day of your Module 1 test. To submit an assignment, visit the assignment’s page (the page you’re on now), and click “Submit Assignment” in the upper right corner.
    Each section is to be submitted on a single-spaced word document, font Tahoma size 12 and will be worth 4% of your final grade. All sections must be completed to receive a final grade – no part marks. Late submissions will not be accepted and will result in a zero grade overall.
    Each submission should contain:
    A title page with your group name, group members, student numbers, destination and target market.
    A bibliography to cite your sources APA style. (View / Download APA guide here).
    Visit the Semester Research Paper Sections in the Assignments tab to view specific sections. New sections of the research paper will only be released after the previous section’s due date. (After Section 1 is due, Section 2 will be released and so on).

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