For your next paper, I would like you to pick one of the following issues and co

    For your next paper, I would like you to pick one of the following issues and compose an argument that takes a position on the issue. This week, we focussed on the Toulmin Model of argument which provides an excellent structure for organizing an argument, so please make sure to use that model.
    I’ve listed below the topics I would like you to choose from so please email me if you need further clarification. Each topic is listed as a research question so make sure you provide a clear position on the issue.
    1)Should community colleges be free throughout the US?
    2) Should universities disinvite certain speakers to campus if some students complain about the political positions the speaker may have taken in the past?
    3) Should the US government decriminalize certain psychedelics for medical purposes?
    4) Should police departments be defunded to generate more revenue for training mental health professionals to deal with mentally ill homeless people?
    5) Should the US government establish a $15 per hour minimum wage?
    6) Should transgender athletes be allowed to compete in sports on the basis of biological sex or gender?
    7) Should social media companies be held responsible for allowing people to disseminate mis- and disinformation?
    8) Should standardized tests such as SAT and AP be eliminated as requirements for admission to universities in the US?
    Length: At least 1000 words
    At least 5 sources
    MLA documented
    I’ve also provided below an outline to help you organize your paper. Please feel free to make any necessary changes to fit your topic.
    1) Introduction and thesis: The purpose of the introduction is to get the reader’s attention, so I would suggest inserting a couple of pieces of ‘shocking’ data about your topic. At the end of the introduction, you should take a clear position on the issue. For example: Police departments should not be defunded because of A, B, C. Those who argue for defunding don’t recognize that P and Q.
    You must provide at least three reasons in support of your position and at least two reasons as part of your rebuttal.
    2) Facts that prove that there is disagreement about the issue: In this section, you should provide data to prove that Americans disagree about the issue. For example, if your topic is whether community colleges should be free, you should provide statistical data like this: 60% of Americans believe that community colleges should be free (cit). Of these, 80% are under the age of 40 and so on…
    3) Argue your position: In this section, you must support each of the three reasons in favor of your position. Make sure to discuss each reason in a separate paragraph and most importantly, make sure that each paragraph starts with a topic sentence. For example:
    One reason community colleges should be free is that doing so will allow poor students to go to college and improve their chances of getting a higher-paying job. Research done by XYNZ shows that 75% of those who have at least an associates degree or more earn more than those who only have a high school diploma (citation)
    Review your understanding of the Toulmin Model to support your reasons
    4) Summary of the opposing position: In this section, you must provide summarize TWO claims against your position. Make sure to provide citations for the sources used.
    5) Rebuttal: In this section, you must argue against at least two reasons that those who disagree with you have provided. Make sure to use evidence as part of your rebottle.
    6) Recommendations for persuading those who disagree with you: In the last part of your paper, make a couple of recommendations that you think might encourage those who disagree with you. Think of your understanding of persuasive techniques in order to make your case.
    Please see the attached rubric.

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