Instructions: You will be assigned a periodic trend to explain using multiple fo

    You will be assigned a periodic trend to explain using multiple formats.
    Your job is to:
    – Describe the trend using an appropriate graph.
    – Write a one paragraph explanation for why the trend is the way it is.
    – Create a diagram(s) that visually explains the trend.
    – Write where you justify how the graph, paragraph, and diagrams work together to explain the trend, step by step as if it′s a sсrіpt to a video.сrіptive_Chemistry/Periodic_Trends_of_Elemental_Properties/Periodic_Trends
    Some Resources:
    – Atomic Radius: Atomic radius is a way to describe how big atoms are. Since the outer edge of an atom is hard to determine, we usually discuss how big atoms are in terms of “atomic radius”. This is technically defined as “one-half the distance between the nuclei of identical atoms that are bonded together”
    – Electronegativity: Electronegativity is a measure of how strongly an atom can attract electrons to itself. Electronegativity is important when two atoms are going to form a chemical bond. The attraction of the electrons to the nucleus impacts the type and properties of any chemical bond that might form.
    – Ionization Energy: An ion is an atom that has gained or lost one or more electrons. Ions are atoms that have an electrical charge. Ionization energy is the energy required to remove one of an atom’s outermost electrons.
    Data for Atomic Radius, Electronegativity, and Ionization Energies is attached below as files.
    Graph Requirements:
    – Choose an appropriate kind of graph that will best show the trend in the data
    – Types of graphs: bar graph, scatter plot, pie chart, line graph, etc..
    – Pick a graph style that will show how the property changes down the group or across the period.
    – Include labels with units on both the x-axis and y-axis
    – Give your graph an appropriate title
    – Here are some reading on types of graphs:,pie%20graphs%2C%20and%20bar%20graphs.
    One paragraph explanation requirements:
    – 1 paragraph in length (4-6 full and complete sentences)
    – Define your property
    – Ex: “Electronegativity is a property of atoms that….”
    – Explain what the trend is for your property.
    – Ex: “Ionization energy ________ (increases/decreases) across a period”.
    – Explain why the trend is the way it is for your property
    – Think about shielding and Coulombic attraction down a group or across a period
    – How does shielding/Coulombic attraction and atomic structure work together to explain why your property might increase or decrease down a group or across a period?
    – Double Spaced Lines, please
    – No grammar errors or spelling mistakes
    – No plagiarizing from the resource packet or the internet
    Diagram Requirements:
    – Create one or more diagrams that depict and explain the trend in your property for your assigned elements
    – Your image(s) should add to/enhance your explanation of why the trend is the way it is.
    – Must be hand drawn & uploaded or created using a program (like Google Drawings or any other programs)
    – To be clear- you may not use images from Google or other websites. This includes looking at an image from Google or another website and copying/recreating it, even with small changes. This is still considered plagiarism.

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