Please provide your in-depth interpretation and analysis on the questions (at le

    Please provide your in-depth interpretation and analysis on the questions (at least 100 words per Discussion question #1, #2, and #3). Please try to include textual evidence (direct quotes along with the Act and Scene #) in your answer.
    When you need to summarize the plot, please do not copy words/sentences from the text. You should briefly summarize/paraphrase the plot in your own words.
    Note: MLA in-text citation for play (e.g.) (1.5.71-72) – This means the quote is from Act 1, scene 1, lines 71-2. (*I put the page number for our convenience.)
    Madame Pernelle describes Orgon’s house as “a madhouse with the keeper gone” (Act 1. Scene1. Line 11, p. 21). Why is she calling her son’s house this way? What does she think of Elmire, Mariane, and Damis? What is the major tension between Pernelle and other family members (except Orgon)? Why does she think highly of Tartuffe? Why do Damis and Dorine dislike Tartuffe? Why did Orgon take Tartuffe to his house? What does Orgon think of Tartuffe?
    What does Tartuffe do in Orgon’s house? Who is Cleante and what does he think of Tartuffe? Cleante tells Orgon: “[T]hose who hearts are truly pure and lowly/ Don’t make a flashy show of being holy” (1.5. 71-72, p. 28). What is Cleante trying to say here? Cleante tells Orgon: “While your praise of him[Tartuffe] is quite sincere, I think that you’ve been dreadfully deluded” (1.5. 148-49, p. 30). Why does Orgon disbelieve Cleante’s view of Tartuffe? Is Orgon deceived by Tartuffe, or is he foolish and lacking good judgment? (at least 100 words for Question #2)
    Why does Damis think Tartuffe is against Mariane’s marriage to Valere? If so, are there any motives behind Tartuffe’s meddling in Mariane’s wedding? Why do you think Orgon has a firm belief in Tartuffe? Orgon tells Mariane, “And he’s to be your husband, is that clear? It’s a father’s privilege…” (2.1. 29-30, p. 32). What do you make of Orgon’s decision to marry off his daughter to Tartuffe? Is he abusing his patriarchal power or does he genuinely believe that her marriage to Tartuffe will be good for her? Dorine, who is a maid to Mariane, has no hesitation in giving her opinion about Tartuffe, and she questions Orgon’s view of Tartuffe. How would you describe the character, Dorine? Why do you think Moliere depicts her this way? Why is Mariane unable to oppose her father Orgon’s decision regarding her marriage? Is Mariane afraid of challenging the societal norm of women/daughters or is she afraid of disobeying her father’s authority?

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