The paper should be three (3) to five (5) pages (excluding title and reference p

    The paper should be three (3) to five (5) pages (excluding title and reference pages). Please be concise with your thoughts/wording. Read the rubric closely to ensure that you have met the grading criteria.
    The paper should be in APA format. This means that you will have a title and reference page. You do not need to write an abstract. You will need to include a thesis statement or your reason for choosing the historical nursing figure. Please reference and cite all material that you used in research for the paper and include at least one (1) nursing journal reference. You need to have at least two (2) scholarly articles. Use proper APA format for headings. Headings should be bolded and centered. Use your APA book for reference. Use the following headings to complete all sections, see below.
    Historical Nurse chosen (example: Clara Barton) ( then include as subheadings: history of the nurse’s career and education)
    (Clara Barton’s Contributions to nursing)Nursing contributions from the chosen nurse
    (Holistic nursing) How was this nurse able to influence nursing holistically
    Preview the historical nurses from Chapter 2 in the course textbook. Answer the following questions in an APA formatted paper.
    Select a historical nurse introduced in Chapter 2 and explain why you selected the chosen historical nurse.
    Include background information on the historical nurse.
    Provide social context events surrounding the historical nurse’s practice.
    Describe contributions that the historical nurse made to the profession of nursing.
    Explain how you will incorporate what you learned into your nursing practice.

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